Week 1 Reflection

I am so excited to do a reflection. I love reflecting on my thoughts and feelings. I’ve always been a naturally reflective person, which is probably why I am so hard on myself for not writing reflections for the first half of this year. Teachers are the best at encouraging others, I believe it is just in our make-up. We want to see others succeed. I enjoyed this week. I loved reading everyone’s blogs and comments. It was through reading and commenting that I figured out what I would like to research and I am excited. I feel bad to tell other educators, especially kindergarten teachers, that I loathe center time. Right now, I feel like if we did not have any more center time for the rest of the year, my excitement would be immeasurable. However, I know that it would break my students’ hearts and I would never willingly do that to them. So, center time research is my plan! I also found it encouraging that others were helping each other find their own research topics. My family has asked me how my classes are going and they are surprised at my excitement level, especially after watching me struggle through my student teaching last year. I explained to my mom that I feel like I am doing something that is going to make me a better teacher right now and that makes a big difference. I like that the class is using Twitter and I love TweetDeck. It makes following our class posts very easy.


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