Week Four Reflection

There was a lot to read and take in this week. I enjoyed reading about everyone’s research projects and I feel like I have a good grasp on what everyone is researching. I spent a lot time this week thinking about my own research project and planning the changes I want to make to my learning centers. I have noticed that movement is a big theme in many people’s research. This week is an very hard in kindergarten because we’ve had very little movement due to indoor recess. I have referred back to our Twitter chat a few times this week and I like that I can use TweetDeck to view the entire chat for the week. TweetDeck is probably been my favorite thing I’ve learned to use.  Everything I need is right there for me to access. It has been frustrating for me that I have not been able to get home in time to join our Tweet chats at 5 PM.  is my only time to really talk to the people in our class. This week, I have a goal to write a comment on every blog that I read. I often read blogs but I do not always comment.


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