Week 5 – Reflection

I was able to make it to our Twitter chat this week, which I always find very helpful. I find myself referring back to what was discussed throughout the week and thinking further about our discussions and ideas. This week I have spent a lot time thinking about my research question. I have struggled the most with deciding on my research question. It has been a very frustrating and time consuming journey for me and I am still unsure of my research question.

I was able to read almost everyone’s blog and I started making a list so that I read and comment on half of the blogs each week. It was suggested to me that I videotape my data collection and I think that might be a good idea for me. I love that my classmates think of things that never occur to me. It is hard to try to think of everything, especially when I feel like I get bogged down in the details.

This class is flying by…I cannot believe that week five is already over. I am not sure where the time is going, but it is stressing me out a bit. I wish I had more experience writing research papers because that would make this process a little easier. However, I do like that we are writing our paper one section at a time.


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