Research Design

Method/Research Design is posted below:


In this study on creating engaging and independent learning centers that align to curriculum requirements. I take a qualitative inquiry approach examining a real world situation without manipulating it. I take a naturalistic approach in this research through a case study that is observational.


The participants in this study are twenty-five kindergarten students at Arctic Light Elementary School on Fort Wainwright, Alaska.  Of the twenty-five students participating, there are seventeen boys and eight girls.  Participants are chosen because they are students in my class and I see a need for finding engaging learning centers that can be done independently and align to the Alaska State Standards. Students were not informed of the purpose of the study. Names and other personal information of the students is not presented in the research project, as the objective of the project was to analyze the influence the behavior of the students as a whole, rather than as individuals.


Observations will occur Monday through Thursday for a two-week period in my classroom.  I will observe my morning students from 9:40-10:20 and my afternoon students from 1:40-2:20.  I will observe students and video record them at a selected center each day. Over the two-week period I will observe all students at each of the learning centers and record my observations daily.

Observation Form


A post survey will be given each day at the end of learning center time. Students will fill out the survey to gauge their engagement during each activity that they participated in that day. Surveys will help me gauge the engagement of each student in learning center activities.

Post Survey


Internal validity in this study will be accomplished through triangulation, the analysis of multiple sources of qualitative data. A content analysis will be conducted using the collected sources of data. This analysis will determine the effectiveness of creating engaging and independent learning centers that align to curriculum requirements.


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