Week 6 – Reflection

This week was a whirlwind. I can’t believe how fast my week goes by, it seems like I blink and it is over. l read a lot of blogs this week and received many ideas. I especially loved the Garfield self assessment that I could use with my students, not only during my data collection, but with other projects too. The biggest issue that I have is the amount of data I feel that I need to collect and whether I should collect it from all twenty-five of my student or just from a select few students. My goal is to rate the engagement of all my students and I do not believe I can do that accurately if I only observe a few students. I have decided that I would like to do longer learning centers (thanks to some of the blogs I read on the time lengths others have chosen), so I will have more students at each learning center and have reading, math, art, and technology the first week. The second week will have science, social studies (dramatic play), writing, and sensory table.

I was able to read and respond to many blogs this week. I also received some really helpful feedback on my own blog. The Twitter chat was helpful this week and I like that people post links so I can see what is being discussed. I am a very visual person, so until I see things in action or an example, I sometimes struggle. I think I am doing better at coming out of my shell. It really is a process for me. I may still tweak my research design, so I plan on looking at the ones posted by my classmates in the next couple days. I will leave feedback as well.


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