Week Eight Reflection

This week was fun! I loved discussing the start of my data collection with everyone on our Tuesday Twitter feed. It was nice to see that adjusting and modifying as they go. I know I have had to make some changes. I also enjoyed hearing about where everyone was with their research. I love how supportive my classmates are and that I have a chance to support them as well. I know that sometimes I just need to hear that someone believes in me and I was able to tell that to a few classmates this week. I know that Ashley’s having a rough time. I couldn’t believe her struggles after reading her blog. I was stressing out about the scheduling issues I’m having, but her school has been closed due to flooding. She can’t even get to her house! Yet, she seems to be taking it all in stride and I found myself taking a deep breath after reading her blog and thinking, “It’s going to be okay.” I think Ashley needs a lot of support and I hope she contacts me if she needs ideas or just to vent. I also read that others were having difficulty with videotaping their classes. I have been taking short videos to document my centers, but I really don’t need to video the entire class because they are rotating through the one center that I am observing and there hasn’t been a lot of interruptions. I did like the suggestion that a classmate had on another blog to video tape the class using Photo Booth. I am definitely going to use that in the future. Overall, I had a good week and am so thankful that our class is filled with amazing and helpful people!


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