Week 11 Reflection

I was a bit late to our Twitter discussion this week, but I was able to scroll through it and see what I had missed and get caught up quickly. I was frustrated this week with finding out that I did the previous section of my paper incorrectly, but this is a learning process and it just needed a couple adjustments. The Twitter discussion made figuring out how to fix it so much easier. I also received a lot of positive feedback on my blog this week. I love that my classmates are always supportive and encouraging. I definitely do not feel like I’m in this alone. I enjoyed reading the blogs of my classmates. I think that many of us had triumphs to celebrate with our data collection, but we still have more that we want to do. Of course, we were warned of this before data collection. I have gained a lot of knowledge this week and I feel that I am making lasting connections with my classmates. I especially enjoyed learning about the research done in multi-age classrooms. I have never taught more than one grade level, but it is something that I may have to do in the future. I hope to be able to be on time to the Twitter discussion this week, but it is really difficult for me since Tuesday is my grade level PLC. I’m nervous about the presentation that I have to complete. I do not enjoy presenting, but this will be a great opportunity to learn about Prezi. I know that I have classmates who have used it and I would like to connect with them this week and find out more about it.


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