Week 12 Reflection

I was very sad that this week was the last time we met for our Twitter chat. I have come to rely on that time to connect with my classmates and get my questions answered. Fortunately, I know that I can get a hold of my classmates if necessary and they will still help me. This week was a rough week for me. I expected to receive a letter on Friday telling me that I was being laid off, but instead I received a letter telling me that I have to wait another month to find out. My future is very up in the air right now. I don’t know where I’ll be teaching next year and my main concern is that I am going to have to put my master’s degree on hold if things don’t go well and I don’t have a job next year. I find that really frustrating because I want to use the knowledge I gained in my classroom. I don’t want to lose some of the ideas I have. Of course, I can write them down, but it is not the same as using them. This class made me a believer that I can change the things in my classroom that I don’t care for….like learning centers. I love learning center time now and I know that if I hadn’t chosen that topic for my research, I would still feel anxious and frustrated during learning center time. Which means my students would be missing out on learning center time because I wouldn’t schedule it as often. I want to pick another topic next year to explore and research on my own. I believe it will improve my teaching by leaps and bounds. Breaking down the paper into sections was immensely helpful. It never became overwhelming for me. I have also enjoyed reading the blogs of my classmates. I am very interested in Stephanie’s research about journal writing. My students love to write me letters and draw pictures for me. I would like to see if I can figure out a way to make it work for kindergarten (providing that is what I am teaching next year).


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