Week One Reflection (EmergTech)

I am very excited about taking this course and I will be even more excited once I am done with my classroom and have the time to really focus on the assignments and blogs for this class. I was able to read many of the blogs this week, but with it being a shorter week, I could not get to all of the blogs. I have been incredibly busy packing up my classroom over the weekend and I didn’t see the reading until after I posted my blog. I did read them and even though I didn’t use them for my own blog, I did get to read some interesting and thought provoking ideas in my classmates blogs. I am excited to see a few familiar “faces” (screenshots, blog names?) in our class and I love how supportive and helpful everyone is to each other. There are so many new technology ideas for education and learning about them is what I am looking forward to the most. I was excited to see the discussions on flipped classrooms and Twitter. I was introduced to the concept of flipped classroom a few years ago and it has always stuck with me as something I’d love to do in my own classroom. As for Twitter, I have had a Twitter handle for at least eight years and I finally have a reason to actually use it! I am also pleased that some of my classmates were in classes I took last semester, so I already know and like them. I always find it reassuring to see a friendly face!


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