Week One Reflection (Robotics)

This was a crazy week for me. It was our last week of school and I spend the entire weekend ( and again tomorrow) packing up my room because I will have to move classrooms and maybe schools. Even with how busy my week has been, I’ve been excited about this class. I am a bit fearful because I do not consider myself a techie. I like technology and I love finding new ways to use it in my classroom to engage and challenge my students. I was worried about taking this course, because of my own insecurities about building something, but I knew that Mia was going to be in this class and she was in my classroom research course last semester. I really like and respect her, she is always very kind and encouraging. I was super excited to see Ali in the class as well. She taught my students about Puppet Pals last November. I admire her a lot and feel fortunate that I can learn from her in this class this summer. I read everyone’s blog and commented on a few. The comments I received where very encouraging. Joyce’s comments allowed me to reflect on why I personalize what I read to see how it applies to my classroom and students. It is very important to me that I can take what I am learning and apply it to my teaching practice. I sincerely believe that I take these classes as much for my students as for myself. I know that if I do not use what I learn, I will lose it.


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