Week Two Reflection (EmergTech)

I had a difficult time this week figuring out how I would facilitate open learning in a kindergarten or first grade classroom. I am still not sure how I could accomplish it, but I have a few ideas thanks to the blogs of my classmates. I also started an open learning class on blended learning, which I am excited about taking and completing. I think the main thing I learned this week is that I still have a lot to learn. I am really hoping that my blended learning class will help me solve some of my concerns about open learning in primary grades. I really struggled this week in finding information on open learning for primary grades, so the blogs of my classmates really helped me better understand open learning. This class is hard for me because I do not have a lot of prior knowledge to pull from, so most of what we are discussing is completely new to me. I know that I need to start somewhere, but it still is disconcerting and uncomfortable to me. It is also very exciting. I feel like I am learning things that are on the cutting edge of technology in the classroom. I can truly be a part of making changes happen.


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