Week Two Reflection (Robotics)

I have done a lot of self reflection this week about how I am more of a fixed mindset type of person and how to make some changes to my mindset to more of a growth mindset. It was helpful to read everyone’s blog this week and get their thoughts and perspectives. I read them all and thought about them before making comments because I wanted to think about my mindset, which probably proves I am more of a fixed mindset. Before I commented, I wanted to think about what I would write and how I wanted to compose my thoughts instead of just saying things. After reading the blogs of others, I can see the importance of a growth mindset for both teachers and students and I understand better why this class is so uncomfortable for me. I have not started my project yet because I know it is going to be difficult and frustrating. I’ve spent a lot of time this week mentally preparing myself to be frustrated and coming up with strategies to help me persevere. I am really planning on this being a struggle. However, I do not believe that struggling will be a bad thing for me overall. If I can struggle and continue then I will better understand my students when they get frustrated and struggle. I may even find some strategies that I can pass onto my students to help them. So, this past week I had a lot to consider and think about and now I find myself a little excited to start my project tomorrow. I just keep telling myself that my struggling and getting frustrated is going to help my students.


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