Week Three Reflection (EmergTech)

This week was fantastic, I had a true A-ha moment when I got an awesome idea how to start flipping my math lessons on a primary level. While commenting on Margaret’s blog, I realized that I could put the beginning of every math lesson on our classroom iPod Touches and let my students work through that part during learning center time, using manipulatives. I could get my students accustomed to learning in this modified flipped setting and after winter break, maybe I could have them start doing this part of their math at home. By doing my math lessons this way, it would free up more of my math time to solidify math concepts and allow my students to learn in small groups based on their skill levels. I am excited that this would allow me to extend learning for my advanced students while supporting the needs of my average and lower students.

Jason’s blog had me thinking of social studies in a whole different light when I read how he could flip it. It really expanded my thinking about flipped learning to include more than just math. I also found a video of a teacher who was teaching letters of the alphabet using flipped learning. I know that making the videos and planning the lesson takes a lot of time, but I truly believe that it pays off in the long run. Personally, I would do a short journal after each lesson about what went well, what could have gone better and what I would like to change. I journal in this format a lot because it helps me focus on the positive first instead of just seeing the negatives. I feel a lot less defeated after a tough lesson when I journal this way.


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