Week Three Reflection (Robotics)

I gained valuable insight to how much I should let my students struggle this week. I spent a lot of time thinking about struggling and how far I can push my students. I never want to push them too far, but I also worry that I’m holding them back. It’s really a delicate balance. I particularly liked Scott’s blog because it made me think about setting time limits to make sure that my students reach their goal and “finish” their product. I thought about how some of my students get focused on one element of a project and can’t move on until that element is to their satisfaction. I think that letting them know a time limit will help them keep their project moving forward. I also think that a time limit helps my students that “finish” quickly because they will know that they will need to find ways to enhance their project.

Cindy’s blog also helped me think about not rushing to assist my students when they ask for help. I need to promote problem solving in my classroom by asking students to give me suggestions about how they can fix issues instead of offering my own suggestions. I love to help my students, but I have had to ask myself whether I am really being helpful. I also need to teach my students ways to help each other instead of giving answers and suggestions. I am definitely going to find ways to help my students be more mindful of each others need to problem solve on their own.

I really felt like this was a great week for me. I learned a lot from reading the blogs.


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