Week 4 Reflection (EmergTech)

The more I learn about makerspaces the more excited I become to start one and do some building myself. I actually have done some building on my Arduino kit for my other summer course. I have never thought of myself as a maker, but I’m really getting into the hang of trying new things. I had both my nieces this last weekend, they are going into 10th and 6th grade. The kit took them out of their comfort zone. I actually went back to the first build to get them familiar with the kit. After we built a couple different projects, they were begging to do more. They were excited about building something, even though they were very apprehensive on their abilities at first. I found it interesting that they felt the same way as I did when I started with the kit. I also taught both of them how to crochet a blanket. They got frustrated and had to walk away a couple of times, but I was excited to see them come back and try again. This weekend was awesome for me to see how a makerspace could work for my students. They loved it and I did too. They were out of their comfort zone and helping each other figure things out.

I found the blogs this week to be full of good ideas. One of my favorites was from Mia about makerspaces to go. I especially like this idea because I could keep them on a shelf and use it for down time or during learning centers. I could keep it in storage containers, so it would be easy to keep all the items together. I also feel like I have a better idea of how I want to start and implement having a makerspace. I’m definitely going to start in my classroom and build from there. This week has me excited about the coming year.


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