Week 4 Reflection (Robotics)

I got some great ideas for units this week from the blogs and I found some ideas on my district’s website as well! Alison shared a wonderful way to use a KWL chart to help students find ways to help students think about questions that can drive their projects. I also connected with Megan’s concern about coming up with project ideas. It was a very daunting task at first. I didn’t know where to look, but I was very excited when I looked up my districts science content standards and found that they had a column dedicated to suggesting how teachers can help students explore the concepts. That is where I came up with the forces of wind idea that I used on my blog. If I get to teach first grade next year, it will definitely be a unit and project that we will be covering.

Alison and I are in a tough position because we still do not know what grade level we will be teaching. It makes planning difficult. I am choosing to focus on first grade ideas because that is the grade level that I hope I will be assigned. However, I could be assigned to teach third or kindergarten. Again, it is frustrating because I’d like to use this class as a way to plan units for the coming year, but planning for first grade and being placed in third grade is definitely a possibility for me.

I have been building projects using the Arduino kit and it has been a lot of fun. I am on project 3 right now and should finish it tomorrow then I can start project 4! I am learning a lot about circuits and how they work. I also worked with my nieces over the weekend on the kit and I loved showing them how to use it. It definitely would be fun for fourth grade and older students. I still do not believe that it is appropriate for primary grade students. However, the Arduino kit has me excited to try out the Chibitronics kit from Adafruit, so I will be ordering that next week.


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