Week Five Reflection (EmergTech)

This week was so much fun! I loved reading about everyone’s designs. There were so many great ideas. I specifically enjoyed the post by Margaret because it made me think about using QR codes in my classroom. I learned about QR codes while getting my bachelor’s degree and I haven’t thought about them much since. My students would love to use QR codes and make them for their projects. I am definitely going to think of ways to use them this coming year.

Scott’s blog was very entertaining. I loved his ideas, especially the DriveGuy app. My mom said that she has the perfect test subject for him. I also liked his smartdesk idea because it has an “I don’t get it” button. That button appeals to me because I have felt like I didn’t get things too many times, but I would never say anything. I know that it is okay to ask questions and there aren’t any stupid questions except the ones not asked, but I still cannot always bring myself to ask questions publicly. It is something that has always been a struggle for me.

Tristan’s math calculator was fantastic! Math has been very difficult for me and I have watched my students struggle with it both in my classroom and at homework club. If there was a way to help them pinpoint where they are going wrong and help them fix it, that would be amazing.

Jason made me consider the importance of security for student information. I am sure that the districts would be liable if there was an information leak. It would be a nightmare, so it would need to be addressed before an IOT device was implemented.

Like I said, this week was the most fun so far! I loved the great ideas and I now want to use QR codes this coming year with my students!


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