Week Seven Reflection (EmergTech)

The thing about technology is that when it works, you either love it or take it for granted and when it doesn’t work, it becomes your mortal enemy. At least that was the case for me this past week because I cannot remember a time when I was more frustrated with my technology, internet connection, and electricity in general. I live north of Chatanika, about an hour out of Fairbanks. We do not have cell phone service, but we do have internet that is connected through our phone line. Our phone service can be a bit challenging at times. It comes and goes on it’s own schedule. Most times, it works well. However, the electricity this summer has been on and off randomly and now works based on the whims of two osprey that have built their nest on top of one of the power line poles. Osprey are protected birds and the phone company cannot disturb their nest because it is against the law. They are continually causing power shortages for everyone north of their nest, but they are beautiful birds, so I guess there’s that on their side. In the midst of all of that, my computer died. I didn’t even get the spinning wheel of death…one minute it was there and the next it was gone. No error message, no smoke, nothing flashed, it was just completely blank. And it was a holiday weekend.

I thought that I’d be okay because I still had my iPhone and I had the app for WordPress. I spent time reading the blogs of my classmates and typing out comments using my tiny little phone keyboard. However, when I went to post my comments, the app would crash and nothing got posted. I tried highlighting and copying my comments then pasting and posting them, but the app would crash. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app then writing a comment, but the app still crashed. I wrote out my entire reflection, thinking maybe I could post on my page, but the app crashed again. Then I gave up and cried. I even thought about dropping the class because I could see I was just getting farther and farther behind, but that wouldn’t really solve any of my problems or make me feel better. So, I’m just going to work harder and try to focus on the positives. Besides, it’s the Alaska way of life to have challenges and learn how to live with them or overcome them, or both.

Some positives from this week are that I learned about 3D printing and I’m super excited about it. I also got a lot of great ideas from the posts of my classmates for how I could use 3D printing in my classroom. I was able to attend the Twitter chat for our class and connect with everyone. I also saw a 3D printer at Sam’s Club and was able to explain how it works to my mom, even though she wasn’t impressed because all she saw was how much it costs. There were definitely a lot of positives from this week, even though I was not able to see them at the time because I was so upset with my technology challenged situation. I think it is important that I remember that technology isn’t always going to work and I should appreciate it when it does and troubleshoot and do my best to overcome when it doesn’t work.


1 thought on “Week Seven Reflection (EmergTech)

  1. OMG! There are weeks when things just happen and I’m with you, you just want to give up. You wonder, is my sanity worth making sure I have a blog posted this week? And then my work ethic comes through and I suck it up. If it wasn’t 6:10 in the morning, I think I’d have a glass of wine to toast your endurance because you certainly deserve recognition for your perseverance.

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