Week Seven Reflection (Robotics)

This week started out great. I had a lot of forward progress and then I hit the wall. My computer crashed and everything was closed for the holiday so I couldn’t get it in to be fixed until Monday and just got it back today. Now I am pretty far behind in everything and have to play catch up. I am going to choose to focus on the positives though. My computer is fixed and I have an external hard drive ordered in case it really dies someday. I got to go to my first makerspace and work on my Arduino builds and that was crazy fun. I am really getting into the building of projects. It was fun to see what others were building and to get ideas and tips from them. I also was able to read and respond to some blogs before my computer died. After it died, I could read blogs and like posts on my phone, but each time I tried to comment or write a post of my own, my app would crash. Technology has not been my friend at all this week and it has been frustrating. I did get to read what every one had to say about the rules they would have for their makerspaces. From the ideas that my classmates had, I was able to tweak my own rules to cover things that I did not consider. One thing I am still considering is whether I’d like to have a orientation meetings for students and parents before students could attend our makerspace.


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