Week Eight Reflection (Robotics)

I learned a lot about teaching more than I know this week thanks to both this course and the other graduate course I am taking (Emerging Technology). In my Emerging Technology class, I got a glimpse into the world of Minecraft and how it can be used in education. I still know very little about how to play Minecraft, but I am extremely excited to develop and teach a unit to my first graders using it. I am going to explore and play a bit more with the program and set up our own Minecraft world, but mostly I would like my students to play, learn and teach each other while I provide background support. I also read a lot of really good blog posts about the importance of all students having access to technology. I specifically identified with Ali’s comment on Megan’s blog about the different levels of technology that is available in schools within the same district. Not only do I find it frustrating, but I also find it unfair to the students. It may be unfair to me as their teacher, but it really upsets me because it is an imbalance of educational resources that all students should have access to use. The great things about children is that they are resourceful and many will find a way around the imbalance. One way is to allow them to bring their own device, which is something Scott was able to write about and explain. I can see the byod benefits now. There were a lot of great opinions and ideas on the blogs this week!


1 thought on “Week Eight Reflection (Robotics)

  1. Minecraft is such a great tool, however our district isn’t on board with using it in the classroom…yet. Maybe together we can convince the powers that be that we should be able to use MCEDU. I wanted to share this article I found about Kindergarteners making hoop gliders.



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