Week Nine Reflection (EmergTech)

I enjoyed the BYOD topic this week because I believe that it would be useful to have in schools overall. However, there are concerns that I (and my classmates) have about students bringing their own devices to class. I enjoyed co-hosting the Twitter chat on Thursday. The hour went by very quickly and the discussion was well rounded. I found it interesting that many people had bandwidth issues. It seems to be a problem throughout Alaska. I know that in my school district it is part of their tech plan to address and expand bandwidth, but there is not a date set for completion. Another issue that everyone was worried about was theft, loss, and damage. Many of my classmates said that they would require a waiver to be signed, which I think is a great idea as long as it is legally binding. Some people suggested that parents and student attend a meeting about expectations and rules. One of the things I really liked was the suggestion to have a basket by my desk for students to put their devices in, so they aren’t tempted to use them except during specific times. I commented on posts this week on my iPad, but when I went back through, none of them were there. I don’t know what is happening with my own devices, but I guess I will only comment using my computer from now on, but I’m thinking that I should go back through comment again. I really believe that technology is a great thing, as long as it works. This summer has really been a challenge for me when it comes to technology.


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