Week Nine Reflection (Robotics)

I love maker spaces and after this week, I’m more determined than ever to have one in my classroom. However, I am still unsure of how I would have a Maker Day at my school. I like the idea of having one to kick off a maker space club. It would be a great way to introduce the idea to parents and students, but I really feel that I need to start smaller and work my way up and I have definitely gotten positive feedback from my classmates for this idea. My plan is to expand each year, kind of like a rollout. This year it will be my class, next year I would like to do K-2, then in the third year open it up K-6. I figure by the third year, I will have enough experience and volunteers to help out. I know we can use the art and science room and expand into other empty classroom as needed. The biggest issue I had this week was that my comments did not post. I used my iPad app and it looked like they all went through, but they are not on any of the blogs I posted to, which is beyond frustrating because it was a huge waste of my time. Now, I am going to have to repost them as I post for this weeks blogs. I just can’t seem to get a break this summer when it comes to technology. I find this to be very ironic. I’m trying to keep my humor and go with the flow, but I’m feeling really disheartened.


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