How are electronics viable additions to “crafting” for today’s young person?

Electronics bring an extra “wow” to crafts. It makes it not only a viable addition, but also a fun addition! Personally, I am very interested in Chibitronics electronics and purchased the Circuit Stickers Classroom Pack for my classroom (Chibitronics, n.d.). The kit costs $110.00, which I believe to be very reasonable, since it comes enough supplies for thirty students. The one thing I noticed was that batteries are not included, but I will find a way to fund them either through my administrator or from parents.

So, why isn’t everyone making crafts with electronics? I think the main thing that has held me back was that I don’t know how to do it myself and that makes it difficult for me to teach it to my students. However, there is no reason that my students and I couldn’t learn together. I know that it may take extra time in my already packed teaching schedule, but I could make the time. I believe it would be especially fun for days that my students have to stay indoors because it is too cold outside. I could also teach myself first and then help my students complete a project. Honestly, I think this may better the best way for me, personally. I will learn how to make one project and then teach it to my students. From there, they can choose the projects they want to do and create with each other or by themselves. I love that Chibitronics has a learn section of their website with videos. It is easy enough that I could have my students find and watch videos on their own (Chibitronics, n.d.).

I also found purchased a circuit scribe pen to try out with my classroom. I was a little concerned about the feedback people left about the pen, but I’m willing to give it a try and see if it works for simple circuits, like the ones we are using in our classroom (, n.d.). I watched the TedYouth Talks video (2011) and I was amazed at what could be done with a conductive ink pen. I loved the projects that they were able to build and I couldn’t help thinking about how creative my students are and wondering what they would come with themselves if given the opportunity. I would like my students to use their kits to enhance their artwork, make cards for parents, and possibly enter something that they create into our schools Science Fair. From there, I think I might look into other kits and ideas for my students, like the Snap Circuits, Jr. Kit.

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7 thoughts on “How are electronics viable additions to “crafting” for today’s young person?

  1. Are the supplies you bought reusable? I realize the pen will eventually run out, but did you come across a usage timeframe? I suppose it would be linear foot number. What grade level do you teach? Kudos for embracing!


    1. I am not sure how much is reusable. It will definitely be a learn as I go type of project for my students and me. I didn’t really check into a usage time frame, but I think that since I should have extra parts and pieces. We may use the stickers without actually sticking them at first, until my students have some idea of what they are doing. If this works well, I know that I can put in a purchase order and buy more if I need them.


      1. I like your idea of not peeling back the sticker part. Look at this website for an interesting article:

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  2. With the pen- we tried them out and they work well as long as they Are conducting across a short distance!

    Good for you Cherie!

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    1. I will remember that! I wanted to try it out and I know my students are going to think it is super cool! I’m excited and a little worried, but this class has really made me excited about learning with technology!


  3. Good for you! I am glad you can use this technology in your classroom. I think its all really neat and cool, but I can’t see a way to use it. First I can’t spend that kind of cash on something like this. i could get my parents to help foot the bill, I might try it, but that would never happen. I do like the science fair idea a lot. It is better than a battery and a light bulb, a lot more fun, but if that was the case, I would get a regular circuit set for my kids to work on. Like I said I am glad you have embraced the technology and are willing to try it. Good luck!!


    1. I figure if it works well, I can submit it for reimbursement. I also know that I can show what we make to our principal and get permission to order more in the future with a purchase order. I am fortunate that I teach at a school that will pay for educational materials, as long as I make the case. I’m a bit nervous about trying it, but I think it will be fun.


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