Week Ten Reflection (Robotics)

Let me start by stating that my new computer should be here tomorrow. It is a huge step in my quest to overcome the technology issues that have been plaguing me this summer. I am stressed because I am behind, but I’m still fighting. I have requested a meeting with the interim principal at my school so I can pitch my makerspace idea to her. It is very likely that she will be our permanent school principal next year. I feel that if I can show her the benefits this year with my own class, then she will be more likely to allow me to expand next year. I think what I was most impressed with this week was how good ASD’s tech plan is because I really struggled with FNSBSD’s tech plan. I actually looked back at the plan before the current one and found it to be more helpful to me. The goals that ASD has are very straightforward and it is very easy to see how a MakerSpace Club would support the goals. I do believe that a MakerSpace club would appeal to “the masses” because it offers something for everyone’s interests. I think what really appeals to me is how it may expand a student’s interests because they may see what others are doing and want to try it as well. I just don’t see a real downside to having a MakerSpace. My main concern is getting others to agree and want to help out.


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