Week Ten Reflection (EmergTech)

This has been another challenging week for me. I just keep wondering when it is going to end. However, I am excited that my new computer should be here tomorrow. I need to catch a break and get things turned around. Lately, my mantra has been “Don’t cry, this too shall pass”. I do not know of a time that I have been so frustrated and challenged. I just keep pushing on, hoping tomorrow will be better. The highlight of my week was ordering the classroom Chibitronics kit. I cannot wait for it to arrive so I can check it out and see how it works. I appreciated the support I received from my classmates when they learned that I ordered it. It does make me sad that some of my classmates do not have the funds available from their district to try it out in their classrooms. I know that budgets are tight. My plan is to try it on my own and then pitch it to my principal to purchase by the school next year. I think that adds a little more pressure on me to make it successful, but if I’ve learned anything this summer, it’s that I will succeed under pressure. I am planning on adding pictures to my blog here this year so if anyone does check back, they will be able to see what my class of first graders made. I made it to the twitter chat this week (my computer crashed and burned five minutes after it ended) and I really like how we exchange our ideas and encourage each other. I look forward to the chat each week and will be sad when our class is over.


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