Week 1 Reflection (Impact of Tech)

I am very excited about this course! I recognize some of the people in our class from classes I have had over the summer and last spring. I always learn so many great ideas in my courses and I know I will come out of this class with even more things that I will want to implement or try. I am also excited about research and putting my Chibitronics to use. I have received some really great encouragement for my research project and I can’t wait to share the results.

Sarah’s blog discussed how teachers conduct research each day as they write, implement and revise their lessons. I have found that as a newer teacher, it is like research for me. I have never taught first grade and I sometimes feel like I’m drowning instead of swimming. I actually told my students that “today we are flying by the seat of our pants” after our curriculum didn’t get delivered as promised. One of my students made wings and asked if she could tape them to her bottom so she could really fly by the “seat of her pants.” If there is one thing that I have learned, it is that humor will get me through just about anything.

I found it very interesting and exciting that Sara is going to try to use Twitter in her classroom. I have often wondered how that would work, but it is not something I could do with the age level of my students. I can’t wait to hear about her research and findings.

Overall, this week was really good. I feel like I have a great handle on what I am going to do for my research and I feel very supported and encouraged.


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