Week Two Reflection (Impact of Tech)

I have to admit that qualitative research is a tough concept to define. The Twitter chat this week was immensely helpful. I ended up taking my previous knowledge about it and mixing it with information I found on a few different websites to get a definition that works for me. I appreciated the feedback I received on my blog. I am concerned about my research for this class and I vividly remember having a hard time with my other research class as well. I would like to find out if the Chibitronics stickers are going to be a useful teaching tool for first grade, so I will know if it is something to ask the school to purchase for our school makerspace next year. I need to find out where most of the students are going to have problems and how (if) we can circumvent those problems. After working with the Chibitronics myself, I’m a little concerned that they are going to be too difficult for my students to use. My biggest issue is how to measure it. I can do surveys and interviews. I can also observe students, but how do I measure it without needing to use number or percentages? I am hoping that I can figure that out in the next couple weeks. I do have a better understanding of what I will need to do for my qualitative research now.

My classmates blogs were very interesting this week and many of them had me thinking about things in my classroom. Tristan’s blog had me think about how I would want my child assessed if I were a parent. Sara’s post showed how qualitative research fits hand-in-hand with what we do, as teachers, in our classroom each day. It really made me realize just how good of a fit the research is for teachers. Genevieve’s post discussed using ClassDojo as a behavior tracking tool. I related to it because I also use ClassDojo and I love how it helps me see which behaviors (and when they occur) my students are exhibiting most, both good and bad. Overall, I had a really good week and I feel like I am heading in the right direction with my research topic.


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