Week Three Refection (Impact of Tech)

This week has been frustrating for me. I am having the hardest time coming up with a measurable research question. So, I can’t post a question of what I am thinking to solve with research because everything I come up with for Chibitronics isn’t really measurable. I am at the point where I cannot continue to bang my head against the wall. If I don’t have something by Tuesday then I will have to change my research and scrap researching Chibitronics for this class. I have other things in my class that I can research, such as only using positive points for Class Dojo (I use both positive and negative) or brain break websites (currently we use GoNoodle). I did get some really nice and encouraging feedback on my blog this week, which helped me feel less hopeless. I really enjoy the people in this course.

I enjoyed reading the blogs of my classmates. Everyone’s research ideas are very interesting. I like that Peter is focusing on goal setting in PE. I think goal setting is something that all students need to work on regardless of their grade level. In Tristan’s blog he discussed the importance of students being a part of and having a voice in research. It reminded me about the importance of discussing my research with my students throughout the process. Sara’s blog was about using Twitter in her classroom. It is definitely something to think about since many school districts block the website because it is social media and all social media is “bad”. I am glad that she can still use it in her district. Genevieve is researching Class Dojo and I’m really curious about what she finds since I also use it. She is having problems that I do not have and I am curious to see what she finds. I know that I could have the same problems she is experiencing in the future, so it will be good to have some ideas ahead of time.

Other than not having a clue what I should measure for Chibitronics, which is a huge road block and super frustrating, I had a great week.


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