Week Three Reflection (ED Leadership)

This week’s blog was my favorite so far. I loved thinking about the classrooms I had as a student and then comparing it to my own classroom. I had not really thought about it until this week. I did not make it to our Twitter chat this week because it was my birthday and I was at a family dinner on Thursday evening. I did read through the posts.

On my blog, I wrote about the average number of computers per student and it was very interesting to hear from my classmates what the ratio of computers to students are for their schools. There is definitely a difference between schools and districts. I also heard from Cynthia that she made LED throwies and I’m going to talk more with her about them to see if I can make them with my first graders.

While reading and responding to my classmate’s blogs, I learned about Spheros and got to see pictures on Ali’s blog. They look like so much fun! Sally’s blog hit home with me because she also went to school in the 80s. It was interesting to hear about her childhood classroom and compare it to my own experience as a child. Cindy’s blog reminded me that there will always be some nay sayers who refuse to see the benefit of technology in the classroom. It is important to teach students that there needs to be a healthy balance when using technology.


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