Week Four Reflection (Impact of Tech)

This week started off a bit rough, since I was struggling with my research topic. The Twitter chat helped me immensely and I was excited to start my research. I gathered all kinds of website links and started to slowly work through them. I was about half way done when we got hit with a snow storm and I lost my Internet connection for over 24 hours. As I was waiting (very impatiently), I thought about how I need to be better at resiliency. It is definitely a skill I could work on strengthening. I did find and purchase a pretty good book called Resilient Classrooms, Second Edition: Creating Healthy Environments for Learning. I have been skimming the book and have found that it has some really good ideas and case study examples. It’s not a perfect book, but it does give me some ideas for building resilience in my students.

I did receive some really good feedback on my blog. I really appreciated that Peter asked about my citations. I was confused about citing and finally figured out that I misunderstood about quotations versus citations. I thanked him on his blog for his constructive and kind criticism of my literature review. I also saw that Theresa had some confusion about citing in her blog. She is always so positive and I wanted her to know that I recognize that quality in her. I think you need to be reminded of and hear the positives. I saw that Genevieve had questions by our classmates about Class Dojo on her blog and I tried to answer Theresa’s questions since I use Class Dojo in my classroom.

I feel really good about the literature I chose. I need to look to see if I can find anything specific about using circuits to build resiliency. I searched for Chibitronics, but not circuits. So, that is my next step. I am very excited about my research.


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