Week Four Reflection (ED Leadership)

This week I had a few challenges, mainly a snowstorm that took out our phone and Internet Friday afternoon and all of Saturday. I was able to post my blog last night and read and respond to the blogs of others. I did not make it to the Twitter chat this week because it was the same night and time as the open house at our school. I feel like I miss so much when I miss the Twitter chat, especially after reading through the log of it.

This week’s topic was very interesting. I enjoyed thinking about how play impacts my mood at school. I love playing with my students and I feel it really does help me connect with them. It was nice to get feedback from my classmates. I found that Cynthia and I both grew up on farms and had similar play experiences as children. Ali posted about some frustrations she is having with her students during group work. She is thinking about having maker centers to help them build group work skills. Sally and my gaming profiles are the same. We are both explorers. We both like to play games. I found it interesting how many people wanted to do MinecraftEdu. I also want to do it with my students, but not until after winter break. I am not sure if my principal will be on board with it yet and I need to find out if it costs money and how much. I have no idea how it works.

This week, I am co-hosting the Twitter chat and I am excited. I am also excited about my mentoring proposal. I am ready to get it started.


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