Week Five Reflection (Ed Leadership)

Despite the fact that I didn’t have electricity for almost 5 days this past week, I still posted my blog on time and was able to cohost our Twitter chat with Cindy. It was nice to have someone to collaborate with and bounce ideas back and forth. I also feel like I got to know Cindy a better, which can be hard to do in an online class.

One thing I noticed about the blogs this week was that many people feel that learning in the collective is very difficult in a K-12 school, and I have to agree. I have collective learning happening in my makerspace centers, but if I was required to give an educational standard and learning objective for my centers…well, it would be difficult to come up with one. Luckily, my principal is really on board with having a makerspace in our school. That is one thing I pulled from other people’s blogs this week…the importance of the need for collective learning to be recognized and supported by administrators. It is just very difficult to implement if it is not backed. I did like how Chris pointed out that learning collectives are communities. I agree, they are communities with a little extra “oomph” (I had to look up how to spell it and there is no shame in that…that’s what I tell my students).

It’s been a rough week for me and I’m really stressed, which is par for the course. Having no electricity, Internet, running water, or phone was not easy. I grew up in Minnesota and I watched Little House on the Prairie all the time. This week I felt like I was on the prairie. The best part was playing cards with my mom using candles and a lantern for light.


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