Week Five Reflection (Impact of Tech)

This week was all about being resilient for me. I had a lot of practice in it and I’m hoping it will help me teach resiliency to my students for my research. It was one frustration after another starting on Tuesday. We were scheduled to go on a field trip on Tuesday, even though a snow storm had descended on us. I talked to my principal about it on Monday night and Tuesday morning. I reminded parents over Class Dojo to make sure their child had everything they needed for the field trip. At 9:55 I marched twenty-four first grade students and six parents out to get on the bus, but the bus wasn’t there. We waited fifteen minutes (because it was snowing) before I called the office. Our secretary called the bus garage and the lady there told them that the superintendent cancelled all field trips that morning. Then I had crying, mad students and no curriculum planned or time to get any pulled. So, we went outside and played in the snow for 45 minutes, which made things a lot better. Tuesday night during our Twitter chat, we lost power. It came back on briefly before going off for good at about 5:35. We just got electricity back on yesterday evening. I stayed in a hotel on Wednesday and Friday night so I could do work for this class and my other course.

This week was an important week for me because I had two big assignments due. One tonight and one tomorrow night. It has been really hard to be resilient, but my classmates always boost my spirits and remind me that I can succeed and persevere. Theresa was very encouraging about my idea to videotape my class during my research. She reminded me that I need to talk to my students about the concept of struggling being good. If I can get them to be mindful of it now, so many things will go better in my classroom and it will help when I do my research too. Tristan also supported videotaping my students. I hadn’t thought about being able to see expressions of my students until she pointed it out to me. Expressions will tell me a lot and help me see when struggle is happening. Peter suggested that I have someone come in and record negative (and positive) comments during my research. I have a mentor who I can ask to do it for me. I never considered having someone come in and help me, but it is an excellent idea.

I read the blogs of my classmates over the weekend. I am very interested in Genevieve’s research. Every day, while I’m using Class Dojo I think about what her research will find. I am even considering doing some of my own research this spring on whether using just the positive reinforcement (giving points and not taking any points away for negative behavior) will encourage even more positive behavior in my classroom. It is definitely something I am considering after following Genevieve’s blog this semester. Tristan has me thinking about how I can flip my classroom. It is something I keep coming back to because I really like the concept. I am very excited that she is doing it with math, because that is what I would flip too. Maybe I can use what she discovers and flip my math too.


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