Week Six Reflection (Impact of Tech)

I really feel like Mother Nature has it out for me. I am not sure what I did to incur her wrath. Maybe it is not me, maybe she doesn’t like technology. I know it’s not really about me, but it feels like it when I can’t get my work done. I did have a pretty good week, even though my power keeps going off for extended periods of time. We didn’t have a Twitter chat this week, but I was online and I did get to talk to a couple classmates. It gave me a chance to connect with both Peter and Tristan this week. I tried to help Peter with LiveText, but I wasn’t able to help him get his assignments to post. Tristan and I were both wondering about critical friends. I am glad that she brought it up because I meant to ask about it. I like that we can leave questions there and get them answered. I have found that my app doesn’t notify me when new things are posted. So, I don’t check Twitter very often. It is not an app I use on a regular basis, even though I’ve had it for at least 6 years. I miss out on questions and I have to go back and scroll through the posts to see what I’ve missed. When I get some free time (who knows when that will be), I’d like to go through my Twitter and delete a bunch of pages that I follow. I would like to make it more of a professional app for me instead of a social app that I don’t think about using.

I was able to read the blogs of my classmates and some of their reflections as well. I liked the infographic and I can see me using one as a flyer for my makerspace when I open it up to other grades next year. I might be able to make one that explains why I am having building centers this year in my classroom and introduce the idea of a makerspace to parents. I appreciate the feedback I get from my classmates. Specifically this week Sara and Tristan had me thinking about the way I plan on conducting my interviews. I liked how Tristan sectioned out her infographic and explained that it was alright for us to have different ways that we complete assignments.

I’m looking forward to this week. I am working on making a few changes to my research project and I need to add a few things to my proposal. I’m also wondering what Mother Nature would like to throw at me this week. I would really like some thunder…no lightning or rain…just some thunder please!


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