Week Seven Reflection (Ed Leadership)

This week’s topic about the five components of leadership helped me think about how I run my classroom and my work as a mentor. I met with my mentee yesterday and we had a great meeting. I am going to need to give her my spare computer because even though we got her a SmartBoard cord, her computer doesn’t have the software necessary to connect to the SmartBoard. It’s a district issued computer, so it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, but we will troubleshoot each issue as it arises. She seems very excited about using the SmartBoard, so that is exciting to me as well.

More than anything else this week, I enjoyed the Twitter discussion. I felt that Chris’ questions were well thought out and they promoted good sharing of ideas and thoughts. I also found that many of the people in the class believe that relationship building is the most important component for them. I have thought about it quite a bit this week. This is my second year with my students and I definitely feel the connection between us. I feel their trust and I work everyday to keep it. My students work hard for me and I look for new ways to reward them and keep them motivated. I am already considering whether I want to loop up with them again next year. There is supposed to be an opening in second grade, so it is possible.

In reading the blogs this week, there was a lot of discussion about relationship building and understanding our students. For me, it boils down to trust. Mia commented on my blog about how it is ironic that teachers are resistant to change when we are always working to get students to trust us enough to try new things. I feel that is something to really think about and consider. Especially, when it comes to trying to understand out students. We need to model the behavior we would like to see from them. It is hard when there are so many changes thrown at us all at once, but we do that to our students all the time.


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