Week Seven Reflection (Impact of Tech)

I have to admit that I am really stressed. I am not ready to start observing yet. I am going to be in training for three days this week and one day next week. I’m starting to worry about when I can get my observations done. My principal also nominated me to be a part of a Parent Partners gathering (it’s not a class!) and I have to present to parents one night a week. Last week, it was on Tuesday night and I was set to present last so I could be on our Twitter chat, but our school internet had maintenance during that time. So, I was on and off. I could go on about this, but I won’t. However, if you would like any information about having a Parent Partners group at your school, let me know. Just be sure not to tell people that it is a parenting class because that can be perceived as you telling parents that they need to learn how to become better parents or that they are not good parents.

I really like the infographics. I feel like I am not very creative and making the graphics can be time consuming when you are always second guessing your color, background, and graphics choices. I still would like to make one for conferences, but I doubt I will have the time. I spent three hours on just the design of the one I made for this week and it’s a super simple design. I don’t have that much “tinker” time in my schedule right now. I really wish that I did. I am sure that there were people who were able to put theirs together relatively quick and easily. I wish I could be more like that. I enjoyed Sara’s infographic the most. It was super engaging. As soon as I saw it, I wanted to read it. Her information was very good too. I liked how she included why we need to do observations. It made me think about other things that I could research and observe in my classroom.

On a funny side note (I am seriously laughing and crying at the same time here), I didn’t know why no one commented on my infographic this week. I was feeling really sad and thought that everyone thought it was stupid. However, I just realized I posted it to the wrong category. So, no one could find it if they went to my page. Seriously, this is the kind of week I’ve been having. It’s makes me want to give up, but I can’t because I hear 24 little voices in my head telling me that I need to be more resilient.


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