Week Eight Reflection (Impact of Tech)

This week was challenging for a couple reasons. I had a lot of time consuming trouble shooting for a colleague that I am mentoring. I ended up giving her my extra personal computer, not realizing that I would need it because I stored some files on it. We also had a bomb threat called into our school which made my Tuesday turn into a 10+ hour day of work. It ruined all my plans for that afternoon/evening, not to mention the emotional and mental exhaustion that lasted the rest of the week. I also had to get ready for our fall festival that we had yesterday and parent/teacher conferences, which take place tomorrow and Tuesday. I keep waiting for things to slow down and it just seems to go faster instead.

I did enjoy the blogs posted this week about data mining and triangulation. I thought it was interesting all the different definitions that we found as a group for data mining. Tristan wrote that she thought my definition was easier for her to understand while I thought hers was easier for me to understand. She is going to look into finding an online website that consolidates information gathered during qualitative research after reading about the website I found on my blog that costs $150 a month to do it. I am also hoping that I gave Genevieve some ideas for the research problems she is having with trying to teach and record data. I love Class Dojo, so I am finding that I am feeling very invested in her research.

I didn’t know that our Twitter chat was cancelled until I got home on Tuesday night. I was really bummed when I thought that I had missed it. I enjoy connecting with the other people in our class on Tuesdays. It sounds like the research is going pretty well over all. I am excited and nervous to start mine. I hope that videotaping it will work well. I was supposed to be gone this Thursday and have a substitute, but I have opted out of being on the parenting partners committee for our school. It is taking me out of my classroom too often and the late evening once a week makes it hard for me to get things done for my classes.


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