Week Nine Reflection (Impact of Tech)

This week went well for me. I really enjoyed our Twitter session. I like that we not only answer the questions, but we also support each other. One thing that really resonated with me was how Tristan said that data analysis is scary for her. I also find it scary because the last time I did research, I found the analysis part to be very challenging and frustrating. I definitely feel supported in our class and I know that if I have problems, I can reach out to my classmates for suggestions. Based on our Twitter chat and the reading this week, I was determined to find out more about how to code. I did not code any of my data when I did research last spring. I will not make that mistake again.

While reading through my classmates’ blogs, I saw that some said that they were focusing on looking for data that supports their research question. Personally, I think it is important to keep your research question in mind, but it is also important to look for other themes as well, especially when coding. I feel that coding is where you can find multiple themes from the data. My research question focuses on whether struggling with technology, specifically Chibitronics, help my students become more resilient. I am hoping that my research will answer that question AND give me insight on which students need resiliency support, even though it is not part of my research question. I tried to point that out to a couple people in their blogs and I hope that they didn’t take it wrong. I did get to read and post to all of the blogs this week. I love seeing the progress people are making with their data collection.


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