Week Ten Reflection (Ed Leadership)

This week I had a lot going on with my other class and challenges in my own classroom. I enjoyed this week because it made me think about when it is right to get people off your team. I don’t think it is fair or ethical to just get rid of people who don’t share the same views as you, but there are times when it is necessary to purge truly negative people. Cindy and I connected about what to tell negative people when they consistently bring their bad attitude into your conversations. Genevieve pointed out how important it is for people to feel valued and how it may change a person’s attitude. Mia and I also discussed how people need to re-evaluate their commitment to their organization and be self aware enough to know when they have outgrown their current environment. Ali pointed out how she she changed schools after being on a negative team, but if she had stayed there, she would have tried to come up with strategies to improve the negativity.


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