Week Twelve Reflection (Ed Leadership)

This week, I cohosted the Twitter chat with Ali. The concepts of our chapter were difficult, but I really enjoyed our chat. Ali and I both teach in Fairbanks and she spent time in my classroom last year teaching my class about Puppet Pals. It was fun to cohost with someone I had met. We emailed our question ideas to each other and made changes as needed. We didn’t get through all our questions, but it’s better to have too many than too few.

On my blog this week, both Cynthia and Genevieve talked about “walk to read” models and their experience with them, since it is something that my school is supposed to be implementing (we are going a different route for now). I always feel like we are each others cheerleaders. I feel supported and I offer support to others. It doesn’t seem to matter how far away my classmates live from me; we are all dealing with changes and doing the best we can. No one better understands the challenges of a teacher than another teacher.

Sunshine has me interested in trying Storybird. I actually hit her up to see if she would be interested in distance mentoring me in using the program. Genevieve, Ali and I are all using Class Dojo. I find it to be very effective in class behavior. I connected with both of them about it on Genevieve’s blog. Sam’s blog gave me an idea of how to try to teach my student who has autism how to deal with unforeseen consequences. He is very bright and also highly reactive. I’m going to talk to all my students about unforeseen consequences. I think it will fit in nicely with teaching them resilience.


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