Research Paper Draft

I have added it as a .pdf and I hope that makes it easier to view. If you would like to see it in document form, let me know.

Clindquist Resiliency Research Paper


4 thoughts on “Research Paper Draft

  1. I like that you used Class Dojo to help with resiliency. I love dojo. I can’t imagine having to deal with crying students everyday. As far as the outline of your research, very nice! I’m jealous that I didn’t think to create a pdf, or word document.


  2. Great research Cherie. I was very impressed by your narrative style of writing. This was very different from my paper, but your method was very effective. I thought your topic was very clear and well presented. I was interested in learning more about your data collection and results. Specifically, I would love to know more about the ratios of 3:5 and 5:1 that you mentioned. A deeper explanation might be helpful. I was also curious how you determined resilient versus not resilient.
    In addition, if you have any pictures of student work, I believe that your research would lend well to including a few. I know that I would really like to see what these first graders created. In the same vein, I think a few visuals in the form of charts or tables would be nice. You have a wonderful narrative, but I would like to see some data organized in tables or charts. This is just a personal preference. Fell free to ignore. I do think you need to reference your appendix documents in the body of the text. So when you talk about the daily self-assessments, you should let the reader know that the assessments are in the appendix and which document it is. For example Appendix A or Appendix B.
    In conclusion, I think you could beef up the explanation of your data and show how you triangulated that data a little more clearly. Otherwise, great work. I loved reading your paper. You clearly have a strong narrative voice. Your style has made me consider trying more of a narrative in any future research I attempt.

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  3. I am pasting the email from Tristan on here so I have it in the future.


    It wasn’t showing that this posted on your blog, so maybe my computer is acting up, maybe they did, but I wanted to email them to you just in case.


    I really enjoyed reading through your research project. I was really interested in what would happen because of reading through the blogs throughout the semester that dealt with our projects and knowing what Chibitronics were from this past summer and thinking it would almost be impossible. Your kids have proven me wrong about that and I’m glad, teaching older kids I sometimes forget how motivated the younger kids can be and what they can do.

    Just a few suggestions/notes from reading your paper, take em or leave them 🙂

    -You might want to add an abstract at the beginning with keywords so people know if what you have written applies to them.
    -I like how you introduced the background of your students early on and why they may have more issues with resiliency than others the same age as them. Students who have a full day kindergarten are going to act differently and be used to full day, so it was helpful knowing your first graders were still getting used to five full days.
    -I felt like I had a really good understanding of resilience and how it related to students after reading your literature review. I felt like I was ready to go into reading the actual research you had done because I had a good base of knowledge.
    -With your methods, it is what you will do, since your research project is over, maybe change it to past tense and everything you did do with your students over the two weeks.
    -I liked the combination of the analysis and results in your paper, mine are separate, but Sara suggested writing them together and after reading your paper, I like the look of it and there’s not repetition like my paper has.

    There were a few edits I noticed, if you want to email me your paper in a document form, I can add them in there in a different color and you can decide whether they need to be changed in your paper.


  4. In reference to 3c, I thought you did a great job stating your research question. You also did a good job about going back to your question in your report. I would give you a target rating for this standard because you clearly state what resilience is and why it’s important in student education. You also give excellent pointers for teachers on how to teach resilience.
    2f: I think using Chibitronics to help students build resiliency was a great idea. You were very descriptive in your lit review, explaining what resilience is; and then you go on to explain how you will use Chibitronics to help build student resilience. I would rate you as target.
    2h: Target rating- Your data is present. You clearly state that you added some new things during the research and how it helped your study. You also do a great job of referencing your resources.
    2g: I think the only thing I didn’t see– unless I missed it, was referencing your appendix. Ex: when giving your students their daily survey, it might be good to reference as (App. 1), or something similar.
    Great job Cherie! I can really see how your class is more resilient and your days are running more smoothly than beginning of the year!


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