Week One Reflection

This week got off to a rough start for me. I had big plans, but that just seemed to taunt fate. I don’t know if it was having Monday off or what, but that really threw me. I did finally get my infographic posted. I like infographics, but I find them really hard to create and put together cohesively. I did read the blogs and I found that Sarah’s made me remember the importance of essential questions. I think that is something I am missing in my planning of units. I need to pull out my Understanding by Design books and use them. I also read Sara’s blog. Through her infographic I made a connection to giving my students more choice time. They love choice time and it is very easy for me to plan into my lessons and day. When I read Kate’s blog about how her first year of teaching was exhausting and overwhelming, I immediately felt a connection to her. I really feel like I’m struggling myself this year. It is my second year of teaching and my first year of teaching first grade. Even though I got off to a rough start, I am determined to do better and get back on track…starting now!


1 thought on “Week One Reflection

  1. I read your reflection, and I couldn’t leave without posting a comment. Even if we don’t all say it, we all have rough years, and we’ve all been there. Look for the support around you. It might be at school, home, in this class, but there are people who will listen and let you just vent (even cry if need be). You are doing great, and I know this, because it’s obvious you care. It takes a few weeks to settle into a groove when a new semester begins, so take a few deep breaths (I’ve taken several myself :)). Hope you have a great week!

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