Week Three Reflection

I was at urgent care for my asthma this week and I missed out Twitter Chat. The air quality in Fairbanks has been wreaking havoc with my asthma since the beginning of January. It hasn’t been fun at all. I love that I can read the Twitter feed and get caught up. It’s really helpful for me to think about how I would answer the questions while reading the responses of my classmates. I was also able to get my blog posted on time this week, which was a huge accomplishment. I was really apprehensive on creating the game this week, but I found it to be a lot of fun. I think it would be something my first grade students would love to do, as well. I enjoyed reading the blogs of my classmates. Everyone had really great things to say about how to inform parents about differentiation. I especially connected to Sarah’s frustration about not having enough time. It is really difficult to reach all students and connect with parents when there isn’t enough time in our day to teach everything we need to cover.


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