Week Four Reflection

This week, our group set up a Wiki page. I had never done any work on a Wiki, so it was completely new to me and I still am not sure if it is correct. I found it to be a little frustrating because there weren’t any instructions for how to make a wiki or what should be included. I have no idea how much information needs to be on it or if links are acceptable. I really like the people in my group. Everyone had their own section to work on and I don’t believe that any of us had a lot (or any) past wiki experience. It can be frustrating when you are given a project to do with a group and no one has any experience and there is not a lot of direction. I think I want to change my page and add more information. I tried to find other pages to use as examples, but the ones I found were not set up like ours, so I became more confused. I did finally find where I can post a question to my group members, so hopefully that will help me out. I think our wiki is off to a pretty good start, but I feel like we need to add more information overall. Again, I am not sure if I am right about it and I’m feeling frustrated. Hopefully, this link to our wiki works!


1 thought on “Week Four Reflection

  1. It does work and this is exactly what you were supposed to do !


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