Week 1 Reflection

I found the fact that much of what has made distance education successful has not changed over the years to be the most interesting thing that I learned this week. I liked that I was able to connect with classmates that I already know and new classmates this week through our blogs. I especially liked what Dan wrote about how distance learning allows students to work at their own pace. It lead me to think about how I have made lasting connections to classmates who I have not met. I wouldn’t have made these connections if my courses were not set up to facilitate collaboration. Dan also responded to my blog about the importance of motivation when it comes to distance delivery. Motivation was something that resonated with my classmates and me because it is a key component to being a successful learner when it comes to distance education. Theresa and I also commented on each others blogs about how important communication is when it comes to distance education. I feel that the communication we have in these courses makes me more engaged in not only my learning but the learning of others.


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