Week 3 Reflection

This week was busy, yet fun for me because I was able to work with Josie and Amy on presenting. I thought our presentation went well, but I did not like how the Quizlet game worked because it was harder than I planned. It seems like I always struggle with writing quizzes and tests. I think it’s because I rely too heavily on the text instead of just trusting my own ideas. I always worry that I am going to make things too easy and instead I end up making them impossibly difficult for others. One positive I got out of it was that I heard a lot of discourse in some of the rooms as people worked to find the correct answers. Another positive was that people were really nice about how hard it was instead of getting mad at me. I really did feel bad about it. It is definitely something I will work on in the future. I read all the blogs this week and then went back and commented on two that were very thought provoking to me. Dan raised some questions at the end of his blog that made me think about how important it is to have your learners interested in what they are learning. In my classroom I can see when students aren’t engaged, but how do you address that in online courses? Theresa’s blog also connected to me because we both had the same “aha” moment of seeing how our reading connected to the courses we are in through UAS. It is really awesome to be able to see what we are reading/learning in action.


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