Week 4 Reflection

This week was very exciting for me because I learned about something I had no idea I was apart of…CoP’s. I enjoyed reading the blogs of others and finding out that they also had the same revelation. I especially connected to Mariah’s blog because she used a quote from Harasim about how knowledge. I commented to her about it because I have been thinking a lot this week about how social people are (even just in their own circle of friends) and their need to share their thoughts and ideas about things they are passionate about. I can talk all day with other teachers about students and teaching in general. I love going into other classrooms and learning about how teachers are teaching subjects to students. I want to know more because I am interested in it. Theresa shared the commandments of CoP’s and I thought they were a good guideline to use. I shared with her that I thought they would be a good starting point, but I personally would adjust them to my own needs and the needs of my group. I am definitely going to think more about this as I try to identify all the CoP’s I’m in.


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