Week 2 Reflection

I really enjoyed hosting the Twitter chat this week. I tried to think of questions that would help my classmates think of ways they already are differentiating or can use differentiation in their classrooms. I was hoping that they would find new ways and ideas to use differentiation. It was really fun for me and hopefully, they enjoyed it as well. I also wanted classmates who are new to Twitter to see how to host. On the blogs this week, I found the mind maps to be really well done. I connected to Jule’s blog this week because I am using some of the same teaching tools that she uses, like task cards and Kahoot. It makes sense since she and I are both elementary teachers. I love exchanging ideas with other teachers. I also connected to her struggle with always asking higher order thinking questions. It’s hard for me to come up with them on the spot. I liked the graphic Jim made with all the ways to group students. That was especially helpful to me as I’m trying to make groups for fluency and word work in my classroom. He also wrote about the importance of really knowing your students and thinking about their strengths, weaknesses, and interests when placing them in groups, which I am going to do as I place my students in groups. In Heather’s blog, I wrong about the importance of struggle and building resiliency in students at a young age. Both she and Gerald commented about how frustrating it is that their upper grades students want to give up without trying. I connected with Josie on her blog about the struggle I have teaching ELL students, since it isn’t something I have ever had to do before.


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