Week 4 Reflection

This week, our group set up a Prezi presentation. It’s been a long time since I’ve worked on a Prezi and I’ve never used it as an information page before. I really like the people in my group, everyone is very helpful. We started by making our own Twitter group, which made it super easy for us to meet and communicate. It was so easy to divide up the work and get started because no one wanted the same sections. We also talked on Google Hangouts. Everyone had their own section to work on and we all met on Thursday night and looked at each section and exchanged suggestions and ideas, so we knew what we needed to add or change before we published our Prezi on Saturday. I chose the section Environment and I had a lot of fun building my section. On a side note, I shared our Prezi with my 4th graders who are going to present information on a country they have been researching. I have a couple students who wanted to try it out for their presentation.




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