Week 5 Reflection

My group made a Google Slides presentation for our assistive technology. We met after Monday’s Twitter session in our own hashtag group. A couple of us had an idea of what we would like to do, while others needed some more time. We decided to meet in Google Hangouts on Wednesday night to solidify our choices. On Wednesday, everyone knew what they wanted to research for their assistive technology. We decided that two of us would do three slides and two would complete two slides so we would have our group total of ten slides. I volunteered to complete three slides because I felt that other members of our group have done more in the past (setting up our meetings, building slides, Prezi, and emailing the group to organize us) and it was my turn to do a little more. My slides were Boardmaker, Screenreaders, and the iComm app. Heather chose to do Google Chrome and iPad. Gerald’s slides were the Orion talking/graphing calculator and Graphiti. Chelsea’s slides were Bookshare, Ginger Writing Software, and the Proloquo2go app. I have had experience with two of the three and it was fun seeing how some changes have been made since I last used them, especially in Boardmaker. Our group works extremely well together. Everyone has a voice and their opinion and ideas are valued. I feel like we came to decisions very easily and we each accepted our responsibility. I, personally, didn’t want to let my group members down, so I made sure I was prepared for our meetings by knowing what I wanted to do and offering to help. I definitely learned from the other members of my group and I learned about their interests during this group project. You can see our Google Slides at https://docs.google.com/a/alaska.edu/presentation/d/1GQhOWpzRBvtdMzQGOAPy7HrE7omUWHJsa_mvzcuh3Io/edit?usp=sharing



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